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The first of its kind when it comes to lesbian clothing brands. We strive to deliver the latest in lesbian clothing lines, lesbian jewelry, and gay pride merchandise. Much of our design is deeply rooted in symbolism, particularly those symbols related to ancient Greece, such as the lambda and the labrys.  Inspired by tribal form and by abstracts, our designs are born of inspiration, unity, and celebration of the lesbian woman   
We are an organization by, for, and about the lesbian woman. Our continuing mission is to offer new and exciting products that capture our individual styles, while celebrating who we are. Our ultimate goal is to eventually outfit the lesbian woman from clothing to accessories. Our concepts, from our logo to our designs begin on the drawing board and end with our final products. The business began with a free-hand sketch of our logo at 2 am in the morning in a small two bedroom apartment,  and is continuously evolving. It started with the support of our family and friends, which to us is one of our greatest assets. Thank you for joining us as we grow both in vision and execution. We are always seeking feedback from our clients on how to better suit individual style needs. This year's lesbian clothing line is one of pride rooted in ancient symbolism. We hope you enjoy! 


Enjoy our gay pride merchandise and lesbian jewelry as we have enjoyed designing it for you

This organization is dedicated to the memory of my baby brother. May you live on in our hearts

Coming soon is our new line which will include: tanks tops, t-shirts,button downs, and jeans that have both pride themes and symbols of female strength. Our ever-expanding jewelry line will soon include toe rings, anklets, and pendants that feature the labrys, and own very own logo.
Do you have ideas that you would like to share with us?
We want to hear from you! Tell us ways that we can  better suit individual styles and needs.

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