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A Lesbian owned and operated organization

Bringing you the latest in gay pride rings, gay pride jewelry, lesbian jewelry, and lesbian clothing

Welcome to the latest in lesbian clothing lines and accessories. We are proud to offer our community innovative designs, continuous creativity, and merchandise that celebrates who we are.

All lesbian jewelry products are made of stainless steel and created gemstones. Gay pride bracelets are made of silicone and leather. Choose
from channel settings, gypsy, and
Bezel settings.

See our order now page for available gay pride ring sizes. 



Our products are designed with one thing in mind, YOU! Our logo designed around the lambda, was founded upon the idea of unity amongst all lesbian women, celebrating the diversity within our own community. No matter your style, or how you choose to express yourself, we are here to provide you with tools to design and create items that are uniquely yours!


The inspiration for this collection stems in ancient symbolism, loose style and comfort. Layered tanks, tees, and hoodies, finished off by the right accessory, this line is simple, and sometimes subtle.

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The Phoenix rising from the ash has long been a symbol of overcoming adversity



The lambda, the eleventh letter of the Greek alphabet, originally represented the concepts of balance and justice. The symbol was adopted by The New York Gay Activists Alliance in 1970. By the mid 1970's, the
lambda became internationally recognized as a symbol of the Gay and Lesbian movement.

The Labrys, or (double sided axe), is one of the oldest symbols of Greek civilizations. The symbol was historically associated with Minoan civilization, (a predominately matriarical society), and was specifically linked to the worship of the goddess. The labrys was also the favored weapon of the female Amazons that lived in the area that is now known as Kazakstan in central Asia. The Labrys resurfaced as a female symbol in the 1970's, and was adopted by many feminist and lesbian organizations.

Wings with the Greek word for Lesbian

Until no child is turned out into the cold....

Until no parent turns their back...

Until no one has to live a lie...

Until no one is discriminated against...

Until no one is told who they can love, or who they can marry...

Until no one is judged for simply being who they are...

No one is free.
Be sure to visit our site frequently, as our line continues to grow. New designs and products are in the works, and on the way.

We ask that you support
organizations that support LGBT teenagers.
We ask that you show your support to those who fight every day for the rights of the LGBT community

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Where style, lesbian symbolism, and the continuing mission for equality meet, we ask for your continuing support of our mission, one that supports true equality, the kind that is protected under law.